On Adam’s gravestone are inscribed the following words:

“A dedicated passionate man, standing up for Christ, fighting to make a difference in people’s lives”

Mission Statement: Continuing Adam’s vision of exemplifying passion for life, standing up for Christ, and making a difference in people’s lives and in the world.

Adam passed away at the age 44 after a brave battle with a rare intrabdominal cancer. Adam’s legacy continues in the lives of his three beautiful daughters and his courageous wife.

Adam was passionate about helping others reach their true and full potential. He was committed throughout his life to working with youth at the Big Brother’s program and dedicated countless hours to ‘Choices’ a self-mastery seminar created to help people overcome their past and create a bright future utilizing their God-given talents.

Adam had the innate ability to recognize truth, see into your soul, and lift you to your best self. He touched for good, all with whom he associated. He created lasting friendships and left an indelible impression on those around him of the importance of living life to its fullest capacity. He was noted for having the courage always speak the truth. He possessed a lively sense of humor as well as a keen insight on how to overcome life’s challenges and fulfill human potential. He was a true ambassador of Christ and an outstanding exemplar of Christlike living. We hope that the efforts of this foundation will help to keep Adam’s memory alive in the minds and hearts of those that it touches and most importantly, inspire others to follow the example of Jesus Christ to ‘go about doing good.

Funds will be used for the following:

1: Medical equipment and supplies
2: Travel related costs for medical missions
3: Sponsoring volunteers on medical missions
4: Medical expenses for patients in 3rd world countries
5: Medical devices for patients (durable medical equipment, prosthesis, implants, medications)
6: Travel related expenses for patients to be taken to the US for surgical procedures
7: Maintenance costs for website and management of foundation
8: Assisting in projects designed to feed/cloth/and rehabilitate the homeless